Flexible Food Packaging

Cable and Wire

Inks and Coatings

Heat Shrinkable Films and Sleevs

Interior/Exterior Architectural Products

Sterilization and Disinfestation

Seed Processing


Pressure-sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

Coil Coating


Higher Voltage, Deeper Penetration

Numerous Effects



Improved strength, increased temperature resistance

Able to control the penetration depth by managing the voltage

Replaces chemical methods and additives

Fast reaction = high line speed without VOC’s or air pollutants

Coil Coating

  • Greatly reduced energy consumption

    Uses less than 10% compared to convection ovens

  • Solvent-free process

    No need to add oxidizer capacity or EPA permits

  • Very compact footprint

    Requires less floor space, approximately 15ft (4.6 m) in line

  • Instant process

    Allows operation at higher line speeds and immediate post processing

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