What is UV-LEDs?

  • Ultraviolet LED based on GaN compound semiconductor

  • Ultraviolet LED in 250~410nm wavelength

Comparison between UV LED and UV Lamp

UV LED application

Advantages of G6 UV LED module

The very high thermal conductivity of the PCB substrate is 400~600 W/(m·K).

The world's best high power realization with excellent heat dissipation characteristics of UV LED module

High light efficiency and long lifetime of UV-LED due to the low junction temperature

Comparison of conventional UV LED module and G6 module

Type Conventional UV LED Module G6 high heat dissipation structure
Tj 140℃ 42℃
Heatsink path Cu/insulator/Cu high heat dissipation material
Initial output reduction characteristics (evaluated after 30 seconds of operation) 15W 37W

G6 UV LED core technology

Cooling selection method

  • Natural air-cooled: design and manufacture own heatsink
  • Compressed Air
  • Water Cooling

Type of module

  • COM (Chip on Metal)
  • POM (Package on Metal)

Output range

  • Customizable output design


  • Built-in or external control circuit design
  • LED module part and controller real-time temperature monitoring customized design

G6 UV-LED curing machine (1700mm) for roll-to-roll system