The Core business areas of G6 are sterilization and curing.

In the 21st century, the rapid spread of various strains of viruses has been devastating to human life as a result of changes in human diet, global warming, and destruction of the natural environment. Conventional sterilization methods have used high-temperature heat treatment, chemical treatment, and ultraviolet lamps, but core technologies are gradually changing to electron beams or UV-LEDs.

This field is also widely used in UV lamps, that is, mercury lamps containing a large amount of mercury. The harmfulness of mercury is already widely known. *The manufacturing and export and import of mercury products are restricted from 2020 due to the Minamata Mercury Regulation Treaty. Accordingly, UV-LED and electron beam technology, which will replace mercury lamps, are attracting attention.

“Globalsix believes that the implementation of valuable products will lead the future market to realize the global business through leading technology development and infrastructure network in order to respond to various needs of customers in order to preoccupy the future market of “sterilization and curing” and do our best today.

* Minamata Convention on Mercury

1. Purpose of the Treaty: To protect health and the environment from environmental pollution caused by artificial emissions of mercury and mercury compounds.

2. Date and time of agreement: 140 countries in Geneva on January 19, 2013